A scary picture of JimJim Crutchfield
Jim Crutchfield is a recovering lawyer and a part-time actor, writer, and musician. He grew up singing with his family, and began performing in public at an early age. His father is an accomplished operatic tenor who has performed with the Robert Shaw Chorale and the Virginia Opera. His eldest brother, Will, is a conductor of operas and a noted educator and writer on music. Jim doesn't much like opera. He learned to harmonize by singing with another brother, Rob, who plays the guitar. Rob wrote "Storm Coming On" which appears on Dramtreeo's album "Storm".

Jim took voice lessons at the Eastman School of Music, for all the good it did him. He has played the banjo for twenty years but the other guys still won't let him play it on stage. He is trying to learn the guitar, but with similar results so far.

In addition to singing with Dramtreeo, Jim is a member of Things in Action, a loud acoustic rock duo based in Norfolk.

You can visit Jim's entertaining homepage, "MrCynick's House-o'-Philosophy" by clicking here. It has lots of pictures on it, so be patient while it loads. I said be patient!

Photo by Alicia Cope